Our Method

Thank you for taking the time to scratch the surface and dig into what is hidden behind each item that we make. Our method is where the magic really happens at Colour Therapy Silks.


The first stage of production is always meditation, this may be to receive new inspiration or to create the gentle energy needed to impart healing into every stage of manufacture.  I personally like to burn nag champa incense, bring crystals to my work space and play sacred sounds such as Tingsha bells, singing bowls or my new favourite -  a wah wah pipe with a 528Hz frequency for miracles and transformation. I also enjoy the instant effect of chanting or toning both for the workspace and internally.

The next stage involves measuring and cutting the materials. I use silks fabrics from a roll rather than ready made scarves.  This gives me the highest level of quality and versatility which is a real advantage, especially for bespoke customers where generally speaking, if you can think it then I can make it.  To learn more about our bespoke service or fabric range please click on the highlighted links.

The next stage also allows for meditation. It takes on average 4 minutes to edge each single 45cm square so for larger orders this can take several hours.  I do enjoy this time spent being mindful and again have crystals nearby and will listen to relaxing music, guided meditations and just allow my connection to the client and their guides to grow.

The very next stage is my absolute favourite aspect and is full of reverence for the magic of colour and spirit. I again ready the workspace with the same routine as my basic mediation plus collecting the equipment I need such a digital weighing scales, stirring utensils, long rubber gloves and specific vats for each dye.

Each vat is only ever used for one specific colour so that latent energies can be harnessed with each subsequent dye job.   I also use gemstone elixirs programmed to each colour of the spectrum to enhance the magic in the dye mixture.

I then weigh out all of the dyes and salts used to fix the colour and prepare each vat.  This includes sacred sound, sacred geometry, numerology and the calling in of my guides, the guides of my client and their future clients and any energies that feel right.  I rely on my intuition here as some clients will prefer gods and goddesses, angels, power animals, reiki energy or even simply for the highest good of all. Customers are also very welcome to make requests for specific energetic partnerships.

After the fabrics have been added to the dyes and they have been stirred, they are then left to weave their magic into the fibres of the silks.

The methods used for hand painting are very similar except the dyes, elixirs and magic are added to a thickener which allows the silks to be painted rather than submerged.

On occasion my methods (and that of all hand dyers)  will result in uneven coverage of the silks or a variation in the specific shade, examples of this are shown below.

For many of my clients these variations add an extra interest and life to their silks and can be ‘read’ like a gazing crystal or mirror. However, this is not to everyone’s tastes or expectations so we have now created a new policy to cover this.

While slight variations can be expected in hand dyed items, in the event of a very uneven silk being created we now photograph the item and email this to the client to see if they are happy with the finish.  If not we are happy to dye again and reserve the original silk for inclusion on our specials page.

Special silks are the ones where despite the same physical method being used something special seems to happen to either the colour or finish. Science could explain this away as a chemical difference or another less magical happening but I like to believe that it is down to the energetic involvement in the process.  We do after all intend that the client receives the best silks for their highest good. However, we also recognise free will and customer satisfaction as an essential component for business success!

I hope this has shed some light onto the mystery surrounding this special blend of colour alchemy.