The majority or our products are made using a  silk satin fabric. However, if you would prefer your items made in a different fabric then just let us know.  We are happy to provide a quote for any item in a fabric of your choice.

Fabrics we hold in stock are as follows

  • Silk Satin; a beautiful high shine fabric and matt on the reverse.
  • Dupion Silk; a raw style fabric with slubs (small lumps) excellent sheen for our metallic shades.
  • Hemp Silk blend; a mixture of strong hemp and luxurious silk, a refined yet raw style fabric with a slight bumpy texture.
  • Silk Velvet; a very luxurious fabric with a beautiful soft pile.
  • Habotai Silk; a more lightweight silk than the silk satin with a gentle sheen on both sides.
  • Organic Cotton; a beautiful soft and strong fabric, dying to very deep shades.
  • Soy (striped); a soft and lightweight fabric with a stripe pattern woven into the structure.
  • Bamboo; an alternative to organic cotton made from a fast renewable eco source.