Product Care

Silk Care Instructions

The majority of our beautiful silk fabrics are specially dyed by hand, resulting in products that can vary from one to the next, this means that every item in unique. These hand processes can also result in slightly loose dye, which is a natural feature. We recommend that care instructions are followed carefully to prevent colour transfer and fading.

Our gold dupion silk is dry clean only as hand washing this fabric can affect the lustre and texture.

Washing Care Symbols Guide

Detailed Product Care Instructions

  • Hand wash each colour separately.
  • Wash quickly with mild soap in cool water.  The water should not feel hot to the touch.
  • Do not wring or over agitate.
  • Be sure that the rinse water runs clear before drying.
  • Gently squeeze excess water from the item and place in a pillowcase, tie the pillow case, and give a gentle spin in the washing machine.
  • As with any fine fabric, never use direct sunlight or heat to dry silk.  Doing so can damage the silk fibre and fade the colour.
  • Do not use a wooden drying rack, as the dyes & finishes can leave stains.
  • We do not recommend drying silk in a clothes dryer since it can damage silk.
  • Iron the silks dry using a cool, dry iron (do not use steam).